Sacred Art   
 saturday 21st february at Hall No 3 Siri Fort Auditorium 10.00 am - 12.30 pm  



Insight Forms: Creating a Contemporary Spiritual Art Language – Shakti Maira

For over 30 years, Shakti Maira has been making art that has been considered 'contemporary dharma art'. He will speak about some of the themes his art has attempted to manifest and communicate, in a multiplicity of forms and materials, which have emerged from his engagement with spirituality. 

Shakti Maira is a noted contemporary artist and sculptor, and author of ‘Towards Ananda: Rethinking Indian Art & Aesthetics’ (Penguin/Viking, 2006). Website:


Metamorphosis of mythic images in 20th c. Indian art – Neeta Omprakash

This paper will feature visual representation of mythic images by contemporary Indian artists. Religious and mythic themes have always had precedence over secular themes in Indian art, even in 20th c. where myths have are used by artists for different reasons than they way appeared in ancient Indian art.  Neeta Omprakash will attempt to explore the impact of socio-cultural and economic circumstances on the consciously or circumstantially chosen mythic/religious themes and styles of Indian artists, as well as the often narcissistic or autobiographical nature of  late 20th c. Indian art. 

Neeta Omprakash is an art critic/curator based in Goa.  She received her Masters in Art History and Criticism from the M.S. University of Baroda.  She is particularly interested in the study of visual representation of myths in Modern and contemporary Indian art.


Painting after painting: Spiritual Markings in Motion – Marie-Jo Binet

Professor Binet will discuss the purifying, healing and "transporting" aspects of the painting/creating process of her own work as well as the work of  artists Andrea McCluskey from the United States and Moyo Okediji  from Nigeria. 

Marie-Jo Binet is a practicing artist  Professor of French at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania


Everywhere/Nowhere, The Spiritual Temperament in Current American Art -Kathryn Myers

Professor Myers will situate the work of several contemporary American artists from different generations and diverse religious backgrounds within the complex history and “radical diversity” of religion and spirituality in America. 

Kathryn Myers is a practicing painter and Professor of Art at the University of Connecticut. In 2002 she had a Fulbright Fellowship to India.


In Search of a Sacred Space – Gopika Nath

This presentation will focus on Gopika Nath’s practice as a textile artist, within the context of a vast inherited and living tradition of hand-crafting, in an attempt to locate the sacred space that was once integral to hand-crafting in ancient India. Drawing inspiration from history and placing the ideals within the context of contemporary urban India, Gopika reclaims the spiritual dimension that roots one to the essence of being; from amidst the fragmented sense of existing, which is the more familiar contemporary experience. 

Gopika Nath is a Textile Designer, a Fiber Artist, a Writer, Poet and Teacher. A Fulbright Scholar, alumni of The Central School of Art and Design, London, U.K, she lives and works in the national capital region.




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