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     Morning Sessions
     Lectures & Seminars 10 am to 12.30 pm at Hall No. 3 Siri Fort Auditorium

Each day’s Discussion Panel will explore a different theme.

saturday 21st february

Sacred Art: Sacred art traditionally has been used to help uplift the mind to the spiritual, art that is venerated not for what it is but for what it represents. The use of art has been an essential element in world religious traditions, symbolizing understandings and feelings that words simply can not describe. This panel will discuss a broad range of contemporary and popular art from America and India that draws upon a multitude of traditional forms and concepts from spiritual traditions east and west.

Shakti Maira        "Insight Forms: Creating a Contemporary Spiritual Art
Neeta Omprakash "Metamorphosis of mystic images in 20th c. Indian art"
Marie-Jo Binet      "Painting after painting: Spiritual Markings in Motion"
Kathryn Myers      "Everywhere/Nowhere, The Spiritual Temperament in
                         Current American Art"
Gopika Nath         "In Search of a Sacred Space"

Organized by Kathryn Myers, Professor of Art,
University of Connecticut, USA


sunday 22nd february

 The Power of Sacred Sound”  

Vibration is the essence of all manifestation. Our ancients across the globe knew the power of music, sound, word and thought  ones self and on the  environment.

Many of these practices faded away with the decline of native cultures and civilizations, while some continue to be practiced in small communities or are buried in scriptures yet to be rediscovered. It is now widely known that the ancient syllable OM has long been used by the indigenous and sacred cultures of the Far East as a sound device to trigger altered and higher states of consciousness. The public salutation 'Shalem', the greeting for peace in modern Arabic, and 'Shalom' (in Hebrew) both preserve an ancient musical sound that may originate in an Indian-Iranian contact. This seminar explores the use of these sounds and "seed syllables" that create vibrations within and in the environment around us, thus transforming matter and consciousness at visible and subtle levels of existence. It further explores Sacred music, word and other vibratory realms in the quest of universal harmony.


Prof. Bharat Gupt        "The Idea of the Sacred in Indian Music"
Sarah Weiss               "Javanese Rasa and the Aesthetics of Musical Performance"
Shruti                       " Sonic Healing and Transformation in Hindu and Buddhist practice"
Bhai Baldeep Singh      "What Makes Sound Sacred?’

Organized by Shruti Foundation, Delhi


monday 23rd february

Sacred Spaces: ‘In search of the sacred in secular Literature’. This panel will explore how the sacred is constructed in contemporary literatures from various countries, but especially Indian and American. It is not unusual to talk about the architecture of a particular work of fiction, poem or film just as it is not unusual to see how certain spaces are differentiated as sacred spaces. We will explore how authors, architects and critics invest works of literature with sacredness.

Geetanjali Chanda "
Sacred Domesticity"
Janet Powers       "Sacred Space in Three Novels by Raja Rao"
Gordon Slethuag   "Spirituality and the American Road"
Staci Ford          
"The Sacred Space of Sisterhood in Hong Kong Fiction
                          and Film"

Organized by Geetanjali Chanda, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program, Yale University, USA



tuesday 24th february

Sacred Poetry: is performed for religious and/or spiritual purposes. This panel explores topics relating to women and their performance in sacred and ritual settings in an Islamic context. It also explores the Sephardic songs of the Jewish Diaspora and the chanting and other sacred musical traditions in Christianity and Buddhism.

Madan Gopal Singh   " The Sacred and the Eclectic"
Purushottam Agarwal "Sacred Dissidence"
Ashok Vajpeyi           "Reaching out to the Sacred: Contemporary
Nand Kishore Acharya  "Sacred in the secular"

Organized by Ashok Vajpeyi, poet, Director Lalit Kala Akademi.


wednesday 25th february

Sacred Sites: are the most loved and visited places on earth, which demonstrate unique tangible and intangible relationships of human beings to their environment. These holy places have the power to heal the body, enlighten the mind, and awaken the soul. This seminar examines the nature of some sacred sites in India and abroad, such as Varanasi and Nizamuddin Dargah in India and Fatima in Portugal.

Rohit Jigyasu    "Protecting and Managing Living Sacred Landscapes - Issues and Challenges"
Karla Britton     "Intersecting Trajectories: The Sacred Site of Our Lady of Fatima"
Rana P.B.Singh "Varanasi, the Holy and Heritage City of India: Sacred Geometry, Sacred Art and Sacred
Ratish Nanda/Tara Sharma "
Mapping Sacred Spaces Cultural mapping of the Hazrat Nizamuddin Basti"
AGK Menon     "Sacred Spaces in Indian Urbanism"
Amita Sinha   "Natural and Spatial Archetypes in Sacred Landscapes of Hinduism and Buddhism"
Organized by UNESCO Heritage Section and International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)
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