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(Amarjit Bhagwant Singh Charitable Trust) www.theatticdelhi.org is a charitable organization which has been organizing cultural events in Delhi for 5 years. These include music, dance, art and photographic exhibitions, workshops and lectures on a large range of subjects. These have included the Young Dancers festival, Dance without Borders festival, Workshops on Dhrupad Music, Chinese calligraphy and Enameling, Lectures on a wide range of subjects, Yoga, Tibetan medicine, Greek art, Indian floral essences (Ittars), Yogini temples, Indo European language and many others available on our website.

In addition The Attic has organized 2 series of lectures in collaboration with the India International Centre and INTACH “The Delhi Series” consisted of 12 lectures on the architecture, language, music, birds, trees and history of Delhi by eminent speakers Khushwant Singh, Upinder Singh, KT Ravindran and William Dalrymple. “Dialogues of Faith” also consisted of 12 lectures explaining the 8 religions of India, Atheism and the syncretic nature of India’s art and music.

In this "space for the living arts" we have created an intimate interaction between audience and artist, dancer and spectator, musician and "rasik" creating a cultural ferment where each appreciates the needs and art of the other leading to sessions and evenings of quality and enjoyment.

This prestigious festival is being supported by The Delhi Administration, The Indian Council of Cultural Relations, UNESCO, Ministry of Culture, Sangeet Natak Akademi and First City Magazine. This is the third International Festival of Sacred Arts to be held in India. We are sure it will add a new dimension to the cultural life of Delhi and in future years of Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

India has attracted people from around the world for its rich culture, creativity and spirituality. The sacred in India has always been holistic where religion is not separated from life. All aspects of life throughout the country, art, music, movement and gesture are a part of the daily worship of most Indians. Song, dance, art and sculpture are a spontaneous expression of the cultural sensibility of the people.

The festival will present the sacred dance, music and art of many religions from different parts of the world, showcasing in a limited period of time the diversity and essential unity of varied cultures and beliefs.


Prof Mushirul Hasan  - President of Festival

Preminder Singh - Executive Director of Festival

Madan Gopal Singh - Sufi singer and academic

Madhavi Mudgal - Odissi dancer

Madhup Mudgal - Principal, Gandharva Mahavidyalaya

Rakshanda Jalil - Cultural Coordinator, Academic, author

Vidya Rao - Musician and Academic

Punita Singh - Musicologist, linguist, psychoacoustician

Geetanjali Chanda -Dept. of Women Studies, Yale University

Robinson - Cultural Consultant to the Secretary Genaral

Mina Vahie - Secretary General of Festival

Chokyi Palmo - Cultural advisor

Swati Chopra - Writer & Editor



About Us